At Consultia Business Travel we could not be more grateful that more and more actors, directors and screenwriters trust us to arrange their trips to Valencia in order to promote their films. In fact, this 2022 comes loaded with novelties that we are looking forward to show you, will you join us?

The first of many previews coming up was last Tuesday 22nd February. On this occasion we had the privilege of managing and planning the trips of Óscar Martínez and Irene Escolar, because of the presentation of the Competencia Oficial film.

In addition of having the opportunity to meet them in person, we were able to see the movie for first hand, which includes great actors such as Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas, among many other talents.

Support, assistance, empathy… The importance of the service of our Personal Travel Assistant

Thanks to the combination of our technology and human service provided by a professional with names and surnames, artists will be accompanied throughout the process receiving a complete attention in every moment.

Likewise, with our Personal Travel Assistant service, each traveller will receive the necessary care to make their trip exceptional, avoiding any kind of inconvenience. In this way, they will be able to focus on the excitement of the premiere of their film and enjoy the experience.

Destinux, our protagonist

Although we were already managing travel for film artists before the pandemic, with the launch of Destinux, the comprehensive travel service that makes the company much more effective, the film industry counts with the most efficient, safe and humane service imaginable.

Will you join us on this frenetic route of previews?

This programme of previews has just begun, and Competencia Oficial is just the first of the many we have planned for this year. At almost one premiere per month, we are delighted to have the guarantee and certainty of being able to offer all our artists a service from Destinux, in which efficiency, security and attention stand out above all else.

We want you to join us on this exciting journey, where digitalisation and travel are, for sure, the main protagonists. Are you in?