When organising a business trip, there are many variables that companies must take into account to ensure not only the smooth running of the trip, but also compliance with the travel policies established by the company and the satisfaction of all business travellers.

Today, the needs of companies in the organisation of their corporate travel go beyond the management of bookings for all the assets involved. These needs are also visible in terms of the parameterisation of expenses, the elimination of islands of information and, in short, being able to count on a digital, professional and personalised service that is capable of optimising and automating each of these processes, favouring a complete and centralised management of all travel information in real time.

Understanding this new context of business travel, the digitisation of corporate travel is one of the most significant needs for all those organisations that have observed the waste of time and unnecessary expense involved in their travel organisational processes.

From Consultia Business Travel, we want to introduce you to Destinux; our all-in-one solution created to digitise corporate travel management processes without losing the human touch, adapting to the changing demands of today’s business environment. Read on!

What is Destinux?

Destinux refers to a all-in-one travel management software developed by Consultia Business Travel capable of integrating seamlessly with your company’s ERP with the aim of offering you, on a single platform, the centralisation of your company’s business travel, automating and optimising the management of all the processes that form part of business travel management. All this without leaving aside the completely personalised and human treatment thanks to its Personal Travel Assistant service; a professional with a name and surname who looks after the company and its travellers.

Destinux, in addition to optimising company resources, is able to ensure compliance with corporate travel policies, providing, depending on the objectives set, personalised options for each traveller and each company.


In short, Destinux digitises business travel in a comprehensive, efficient and humane way, eliminating traditional management fees and saving costs at a rate of 4 euros for every euro invested.

Thus, companies that implement Destinux achieve:

– Eliminate traditional management fees, achieving savings of up to 20% in the first year.

– Savings of 40% with the implementation and compliance of a purchasing policy.

– Automate approval and authorisation processes, saving 70% of the time spent on these processes.

– Digitally allocate travel expenses to the corresponding Cost Centers, project or unit, saving up to 6% in management costs.

What sets Destinux apart from other management software in the industry, and why is Destinux the management software your business needs? We tell you:

Which functionalities make Destinux one of the best travel management software in the industry?

Whether you are a freelancer, SME or multinational, Destinux is the SaaS designed to make your travels more efficient and cost-effective due to the various functionalities and advanced features it offers.

Among the multiple functionalities of Destinux we can distinguish:

Centralised management of travel bookings in a single interface

This booking module includes a wide range of suppliers with the aim of providing you with the maximum number of facilities possible when contracting all the necessary services for a business trip, excluding any type of extra management costs.

In addition, all travel documentation and invoices are available on the same platform, so that both the traveller and the company can consult them at any time in the travel agenda.

The Destinux booking module includes:

  • – More than 3 million hotels
  • – 27 car rental companies
  • – 650 airlines
  • – RENFE and Iryo
  • – Transfers in more than 160 countries
  • – Taxis and VTC in more than 90 countries
  • – Balearia

Bookings can be made by the user himself through a system of personalised accesses and following an automated authorisation system.

Digitalisation and automation of all processes

On the other hand, Destinux’s all-in-one service is able to digitise and automate all the processes involved in organising corporate travel, eliminating manual travel management, avoiding islands of information, incorporating well-implemented travel policies, and eliminating the contracting of more suppliers and, consequently, the costs of their services.

Personal Travel Assistant: Personalised and professional service

Destinux is a 100% digital platform for integrated business travel management. However, it also attaches the utmost importance to the human touch.

Our technological solution allows travellers to see their own options, book and organise their trips autonomously if they wish, always with the advice of a personal travel assistant who knows them and assists them in the event of any unforeseen event before, during and after the travel

Travel Management Dashboard: Destinux’s Analysis Module

Destinux’s Travel Management Dashboard allows companies to have all the information related to travel management in an immediate, clear and orderly manner, thus speeding up strategic decision making and the achievement of objectives.

With Destinux you can assign budgets to your company’s objectives and know the ROI of your trips. In addition, you can keep track of each of the budget items and adjust them immediately whenever you need to.

Integration with your company’s ERP system

The integration of Destinux with your company’s ERP provides a direct and secure connection between both systems, allowing the transfer of data and the synchronisation of relevant information.

This integration manages, among other things, to simplify administrative processes, improve efficiency, streamline decision making in travel and expense management, and eliminate all types of information gaps.

Decarbonisation of business Travel

Finally, with a clear environmental awareness, Destinux also has a module aimed at decarbonising business travel; Destinux Green; a functionality that provides users with a detailed report on the volume of CO2 emissions generated as a result of your company’s travel through a certified blockchain system, thus guaranteeing the security of the data.

In addition, the platform shows more sustainable alternatives to achieve more neutral travel, as well as the possibility of participating in collaborative projects to offset the ecological footprint.

Destinux certainly comprises the solution that your company deserves, regardless of its size, structural complexity, number of employees, countries of operation or corporate policy.

With a comprehensive, innovative, efficient, transparent, sustainable and human approach, Destinux has established itself as the complete technological solution for organising corporate travel that your company needs. Would you like to discover for yourself all the functionalities that Destinux offers you? Contact us!