Digitalisation has brought with it an innumerable list of advantages for companies, not only in terms of optimising and automating work processes, but also in terms of having greater control over all the information and actions carried out internally, including the management of company expenses, which include business travel expenses.

In the following post, as experts in the integral management and expenses of business travel, we are going to take a closer look at the consequences of the digitalisation of the tourism sector and the wide range of possibilities that companies have when organising a business trip and the subsequent management of the expenses involved.

Digitisation of the tourism sector

As a result of the healthcare crisis, digitalisation has become even more important in our daily lives. Consumers have changed the way they work, communicate and consume, and this digital advance has been reflected in the efforts companies are making to adapt to this new context.

In the tourism sector, as in any other, this digitalisation is undoubtedly a challenge for companies when it comes to improving their productivity and competitiveness, as a digitalised company will be able to develop a better strategy to optimise its services and customer satisfaction.

In addition, this digitisation also saves time and costs, making the most of the annual budget.

The importance of digitisation in the organisation of a business trip

In the case of corporate travel, managing your expenses is just as important as other economic issues arising from the organisation, so having the necessary tools to ensure complete control is essential.

It should be borne in mind that a large number of businesses still follow a manual process for these tasks, which means a greater investment of time and less control over all the information. A fact that makes these arguments visible and evident is the average cost of processing an invoice manually, as according to studies by Aberdeen Group, processing an invoice manually costs the company €5.90.

For reasons such as these, the objective of digitising business travel expenses is to reduce the time spent by companies in managing expense and per diem reports, lost tickets, unforeseen events, etc. It also makes it easier to establish travel expense policies, comply with them and make them known to the rest of the team.

In order to develop this digitalisation of the management of company travel expenses, at Consultia Business Travel we have developed Destinux, a comprehensive, fast and effective solution to make the management of company travel and expenses more efficient, eliminating management fees and integrating with the company’s ERP if required.

Destinux, digitisation of business travel management

Consultia has managed to offer a differentiated solution for the integral management of travel and business expenses based on its own software in the cloud; Destinux.

The digitalisation of travel and business expenses with Destinux has meant a great advance in this control, allowing companies to have, at any time and from anywhere, all the information related to the organisation of their travel, having complete control of the investments that are being made.

Destinux is an innovative system for managing company travel and expenses. It digitalises and automates the management and purchasing processes of corporate travel, allowing the organisation of business trips and their expenses to be managed in a comprehensive, efficient and human way.

This management software offers a personalised travel advice and management service through its Personal Travel Assistant, which provides companies with the security and confidence of having at all times the advice and personalised attention of a professional who accompanies them throughout the entire travel organisation process. Among its 6 modules, it has an expenses and allowances module integrated with Okticket, which allows the digitalised and automated management of all tickets and invoices generated during the trip; restaurants, shopping, taxis…

The main advantage of integrating Okticket’s application into Destinux’s system is to offer its clients the possibility of having everything in one system, from the reservation and travel documents to the expenses and per diems derived from the trip.

In addition, the solution also has an alert engine that the company can configure according to the spending behaviour of most concern, helping to prevent both internal fraud and errors associated with manual management.

In this way, Consultia Business Travel is leading the way in the digitalisation of the Business Travel sector, a sector in which this digitalisation is still far from being the protagonist, but which, thanks to solutions such as Destinux, demonstrates and makes visible the large number of advantages that technology can bring.

The digitisation of business travel and expenses is just the beginning of a new digital context in which efficiency and savings in time and costs are top priorities. Do you want to go for the digitisation of your company’s travel management and expenses? Contact us!