Dear traveller,
As you may know, last July Renfe made important changes to its fare structure, in which tickets are now classified as Basic, Elige and Premium.
This new structure affects high-speed and long-distance trains, such as Ave, Intercity, Euromed and Alvia. Precisely those trains that are most frequently used for business trips.
At the same time, one of the objectives of Destinux, our technological solution to digitise and automate business travel management, is to optimise and help you manage your business trips, gaining in efficiency and security.
That’s why we’ve put together this simple guide with tips on how to find the cheapest train tickets on our platform, saving you from overloaded websites and allowing you to buy the best ticket in just a few minutes.

Tips on how to easily buy cheaper train tickets

1. Buy tickets as far in advance as possible

Renfe tickets can be released up to 4 months in advance. So, if you are sure you are going to make the trip, don’t wait until the last minute to book, because the price is usually much better.

2. Be careful when booking

When you book with Destinux, you can forget about overloaded and complicated websites. Online bookings on our platform are designed to be easy, transparent and intuitive to use.

3. Choose your accessories properly and only add those that are necessary.

You may be sure of your arrival time at your destination but have doubts about your return journey. In this case, you can select only the fare upgrade supplement for the outward journey, which saves you money on your tickets.

4. If you want to eliminate the cost of seat selection.

If you do not select the seat selection supplement, you can indicate your preferences in Destinux so that the system will take them into account when randomly assigning you a seat.

5. Benefit from loyalty cards.

In Destinux you can choose the special rates and enter your loyalty card only once and it will be stored for your next bookings, so you save time and don’t forget to take advantage of the benefits.

6. Watch out for last minute fare changes

When making reservations through Destinux, if before confirming your reservation the rate suffers any change, you will be notified in case you wish to continue with the reservation. This way you always comply with the purchasing policies of your company, or if you want to see another alternative schedule for price.

7. Allocate the cost of the ticket to your business travel project.

With Destinux you can allocate your travel expense to a specific project and indicate a reference for your invoice, this can be done in the last step of the booking, saving costs in the financial management of your company’s travel.

8. Whenever you have doubts, get professional support.

Your Personal Travel Assistant has full visibility of the reservations made through Destinux, to provide you with the security you need for your business trips, always with your support in case of changes or unforeseen events that may arise.

9. Keep your train tickets always located and organised.

With Destinux we are committed to being more sustainable, by having all your tickets automatically available in your User Agenda, where you never lose your travel documents, eliminating the tedious task of searching for confirmation emails and eliminating the need to print your tickets on paper by having them always online.

10. Look for transparency of conditions when booking your tickets.

As you know, if you book through Destinux, you will find the best options and we will show you at all times the conditions of the rate thanks to the transparency that we offer you in the search.

Your business trips with the advantages of the best technology and the warmth of human treatment.

Another important factor for business travellers is the immediacy that Destinux allows you to see all available schedule options and fares in real time, and of course, to book your tickets in just a few clicks.

If you want to know more about Destinux and you still don’t have your access keys, ask us for more information, our specialised agents will be happy to help you.

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