The business travel company, Consultia Travel, launches the necessary service in times of Covid

• Consultia Travel® expands its product portfolio, launching today the TRANSFER SERVICE, a private transfer service for your business traveler, a highly demanded service that has been accelerated in times of Covid.

The service will be available to all Consultia Travel® clients both through access to the self-booking tool (Octopus Tech® Selfbooking tool), and through the account manager (Concierge Service).

Valencia May 3, 2021. Consultia Travel® is a company specialized in comprehensive management and business travel advice (Travel Management Company) that combines its own technological development in the cloud (Octopus Tech®), highly scalable, efficient and flexible, with a personalized advisory service (Consultia Travel® Concierge Service), offering a comprehensive solution for business travel management.

  • Octopus Tech® is the software platform developed by the company that integrates and digitizes all business travel management processes in a single tool. It is a cloud-based solution, highly scalable, efficient and proven in more than 700 companies in Spain and Portugal. It guarantees 100% compliance with the travel policies set by the company, and 100% in the digitization of internal processes and documentation. In addition, it has the widest range of products on the market: 3 million connected hotels, 27 car rental companies, 650 air companies through 4 global GDS, and as of today, the connection with private transport in more than 160 countries.
  • Consultia Travel © Concierge Service is the personalized service provided through a travel manager, advising the business traveler before, during and after their trip, whenever necessary.

Thanks to this hybrid model, with the company’s cutting-edge technology, which also consists of a passenger location service module, and the personal online service, the agency managed to repatriate all its travelers who were outside the country at the time. from the end of March 2020, in less than 72 hours. From this action, they started the #RegresoACasa project, with which they made this service available to anyone who needed to return to Spain and managed to repatriate more than 800 people during the start of the pandemic.

At a time when the health crisis has turned private services into new protagonists, the agency puts the transfer service into operation. Now more than ever, the business traveler demands the greatest safety in their travels, which is why it is essential to have open spaces, extreme hygiene and distance.

The traveler can, from Octopus Tech © Selfbooking tool, make online reservations for all types of journeys; from an airport to the city center, from one city to another, etc. Like any other module on the platform, it is designed and developed for the business traveler. A fast, agile and intuitive system that automatically has all the documentation in the “travel agenda” module, without waiting and without the danger of losing confirmations and documents. And that also includes the follow-up and monitoring of the flight, in case there are delays and time changes.

Certainty and security are key elements in business trips, that everything goes as planned is essential, therefore in Consultia Travel the main objective is to offer the best comprehensive solution to maintain the safety and relief of all travelers.

For this reason, during the health crisis and continuing with the development of innovative technology in the sector, the company has got ready to expand its services and continue to keep evolving an effective system for business trips.