According to Consultia Travel, the Spanish startup specialized in comprehensive management and advice

Technology, a key tool to reactivate business trips after Covid-19


  • Business travel is a key predictor of a country’s economy 

  • The CEO of Consultia Travel participated in the VIII Benidorm Tourism Conference, organized by AVE


Madrid, June 11, 2021. Due to Covid 19, business tourism has been one of the sectors most affected with the almost total drop in travel. The different waves, mobility restrictions and the time it takes to vaccinate the population mean that the economic recovery of this sector is slowing down.


And according to Braintrust, the business travel market in Spain generated 12,500 million euros in 2019. Which means that despite technologies such as Zoom or Teams, business trips are essential to continue developing the business of any company and from any country.


Under the title “The role of technology as a dynamizing factor for the sector”, yesterday closed with this round table the VIII Benidorm Tourism Conference organized by the Valencian Association of Entrepreneurs, AVE, in which Carlos Martínez, CEO of Consultia Travel participated ; Christian Boutin, CEO of Amadeus Spain and Portugal; María Garaña, Vice President EMEA of Adobe; and Antonio López, CEO of Tourism Data Driven Solutions (TDDS); moderated by Gianni Cecchin, CEO of Verne Technology Group.


In his speech, José Carlos Martínez, CEO of Consultia Travel, Spanish company specialized in business travel management, pointed out that “technology is the key tool that will help us to reactivate the sector in less time”. In his opinion, companies are increasingly demanding greater efficiency in processes, for this reason, it is necessary to implement tools that automate company travel authorizations and that at the same time ensure that they meet with the corporate policies set by each company; which means a saving of up to 70% in internal management time. Without forgetting that business users-travelers demand greater human treatment and personalization.


“For this reason, it is necessary to use a digital travel management system that is easy to handle, both for companies and users, and that automates management processes to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.” To meet this growing demand, Consultia Travel developed its own technology, Octopus Tech®, its own software that integrates and digitizes all business travel management processes in a single tool; which can also be adapted and customized according to the corporate policies of each company.


As a novelty, Martínez also spoke about the new personal shuttle service that they have just incorporated into their technological management system (Octopus Tech®), available both online and offline, and which allows you to make an online reservation for a private transfer in more than 160 countries worldwide.


Furthermore, thanks to the continuous investment in “geolocation” as a tool to act promptly in the event of incidents, it is possible to easily locate where the travelers are at all times. Both technological applications make it possible to achieve 80% savings in customer management time.


Business trips are a key indicator of the economy


Business trips are an economic indicator of the economic activity of a country, therefore, for the business or a company to continue developing, its reactivation is necessary. “With the geopolitical changes that are coming, you have to be as close as possible to customers, suppliers and employees; It is not the time to cut business trips, but rather to do them more efficiently ”, concludes Martínez.


Businesses face big problems and challenges when it comes to managing their business trips efficiently, profitably and consistently. The greater the volume of business trips, the greater the complexity and the need to outsource this service to a specialized company. Therefore, it is essential to rely on technology to facilitate this work for companies.


About Consultia Travel

Consultia Travel® is a company specialized in comprehensive management and business travel advice (Travel Management Company) that combines its own technological development in the cloud (Octopus Tech®), highly scalable, efficient and flexible, with a personalized advisory service (Consultia Travel Concierge Service), offering a comprehensive solution for business travel management.


The company, with Spanish capital and founded in 2010, currently has offices in Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza and Porto. The startup has integrated into a powerful management system about 3 million hotels, more than 600 airlines, 27 car rental companies distributed throughout the world and private transfers in more than 160 countries, thus achieving online connectivity and efficiency that stand out in the business travel market.