Committed to sustainability

At Consultia Business Travel we are very committed to the environment and sustainable practices. For this reason, we consider the digitalisation of processes and the implementation of technology to be key to the company's CSR strategy.

How Destinux's digitisation helps businesses become more sustainable

We seek to promote the use of tools that help companies to be more efficient and sustainable in their business travel. Our tool, Destinux, digitalizes and automatizes all corporate travel management processes, while at the same time it promotes the reduction of energy consumption, removing unnecessary processes and tasks or the waste of paper. The aim is to make business travel management more efficient and sustainable with a non-polluting system that makes it possible to offset the carbon footprint they produce.

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Discover your company's environmental impact

The determination of your company’s environmental impact is essential nowadays. To do this, organizations must know the carbon footprint they have emitted and thereby know the proportion of CO2 generated and its impact on the greenhouse effect.

Destinux provides clients with a complete CO2 consumption report. Find out the most efficient option to discover your CO2 consumption and respect your corporate social responsibility policy in the following link.

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Other sustainable practices that we promote with Destinux

From Consultia Business Travel we suggest some measures to achieve the social responsibility policies of the companies:

  • Selecting companies in areas with CO2 reduction plans
  • Use environmentally friendly cars
  • Incentive programmes
  • Booking stays in sustainable hotels
  • Be sustainable during the trip
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