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CO2 emission reports

Calculates the CO2 emissions produced by corporate travel and provides clients with a report of these emissions.

Offsetting projects

Companies will be able to offset their carbon footprint by participating in environmental and social responsibility projects, allowing them to choose from a selection of projects.


Provides a certificate of offsetting the carbon footprint of corporate travel through a traceable blockchain key system developed by Climatetrade.

Destinux Green Seal

Customers who offset all the carbon emissions they have generated during one year will receive the "Destinux Green" seal issued by Destinux.

Destinux Green has been developed with ClimateTrade and uses blockchain technology, which brings transparency to the entire offsetting process, building trust and ensuring the real impact of carbon offsetting activities. At the conclusion of a transaction, an offset certificate is issued with information about the chosen project and a traceable blockchain key, as well as the official certificate of cancellation of the credits in the corresponding registry.


Destinux Green is the answer to the current demand of companies that focus on the core of their business travel.


Offsetting is done at the specific request of the company at the desired time, whereby the company chooses how often and when it wishes to invest.


The company can quickly obtain a shredded report with the accounting entries for each certification, for the sustainability report.



The company chooses the environmental project that best suits its values, knowing clearly the characteristics of the project and the cost it wishes to bear.


The company has full assurance that the offset has taken place and will receive an official certificate through Climatetrade’s blockchain key system.

Destinux becomes the first comprehensive management platform for business travel where corporations can offset the carbon footprint of their travel and obtain a certificate and a traceable blockchain key in a single system, in a single click.

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Destinux Green offers both national and international projects, which respond to the interests of our clients and shows the complete description of each project, its characteristics and cost in a totally transparent way, so that each company can choose the option that best suits their business policies.



The area where the reforestation is located is in the parish of Arzádegos, located in the municipality of Villardevós, in the region of Verín, province of Ourense. The project is carried out on forest land that burned down in 2005. The management plan includes maintenance measures, pruning, thinning, age and felling methods according to the specific silvicultural model of Pinus pinaster.

MDL 0297 "LaGeo, SA de CV, Berlin Geothermal Project, Phase Two"


LaGeo, SA de CV, Berlin Geothermal Project, Phase Two is a capacity addition at the existing Berlin Geothermal Power Plant through the drilling of additional geothermal wells and the installation of a new 44 MW condensing power unit that started commercial operations on 2 February 2007. The electricity produced is fed into the National Interconnected System.

AL - Cerro de Hula Wind Project v16-20


The Cerro de Hula Wind Project is located in the town of Santa Ana and San Buenaventura, Francisco Morazán state, and is the first wind farm connected to the National Energy System. It has an installed capacity of 126 MW and an estimated average of 262,688 tCO2 per year. The project reduces GHG emissions through environmental and safe technology, generating energy with zero emissions, and contributes to the sustainable development of Honduras.

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