It is becoming increasingly important to apply the criterion of sustainability in companies, and one of the ways to achieve this is undoubtedly through the incorporation of new technologies to minimise environmental impact.

The high importance of sustainability among the concerns of all people means that working on environmentally responsible actions in the company is a line on which all organisations want to develop.

Regardless of your company’s sector of activity, at Consultia Business Travel we would like to present you with some good practices that will allow you to boost sustainability in your organisation’s corporate travel.

How to drive sustainability in business through corporate travel

The impact of corporate travel on the environment means that companies are increasingly implementing actions that seek to minimise its impact.   

At Consultia Business Travel, as a business travel management company also committed to sustainability in organisations and which aims to provide beneficial solutions to companies seeking this type of solution, we work every day to develop and promote compliance with the sustainability policies of companies with the aim of helping them in their environmental commitment through our travel management software.

Thanks to the development of Destinux Green, all companies that rely on this travel management software for the development of their business travel will be able to obtain a traceable or carbon footprint offset certificate.

With this functionality, Destinux becomes the first business travel management platform where a company can verify, offset its carbon footprint and get certified sustainable with just one click.

In this way, this functionality enables CO2 offsets through participation in a selection of environmental and social responsibility projects.

Responding to the demand for sustainability in business

At Consultia we are aware of the growing importance of sustainability in companies, which can even be a key factor when it comes to retaining talent or a differential value for a brand. In defence of this philosophy, Destinux Green was created with the aim of making it easier for companies to make a commitment to environmental commitment.

Through Blockchain technology, Destinux Green brings transparency to the entire offsetting process, building trust and ensuring the real impact of all corporate travel carbon offsetting activities.

At the end of the transaction, companies can have their environmental offset certificate with information about the chosen project, as well as a traceable blockchain key and an official certificate of cancellation of the credits in their registry. 

Destinux Green offers sustainable solutions to companies’ business travel management requirements, based on different criteria:

  • Transparency: each organisation can choose the project they want to be involved in, taking into account their own values, characteristics and cost that best suits their preferences. Thus, each company can consult in an open and transparent way the project they want to be part of to offset their carbon footprint.
  • Flexibility: it is the company itself that decides how and when to participate in the projects, with a maximum frequency of one per month.
  • Security: organisations are assured that the transaction is carried out through an approved system, obtaining their environmental certificate as proof of this.
  • Efficiency: Companies have at their disposal a detailed report with the accounting records of each organisation.

Minimise the environmental impact of business travel

Sustainability in business is the present and the future. For this reason, trusting in and promoting environmentally responsible actions is becoming a priority in the day-to-day work of each of these organisations.

Business travel also presents this responsibility, so having the right technology to reduce its negative impact will make a difference.

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