Social actions

Our company philosophy has driven us to get involved in today's society and we believe that what is important is not words, but that we must take action and act.Therefore, we do our bit by carrying out actions where we can help with our experience in managing trips and moving people from one place to another.

Humanitarian aid

Due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, we promoted a humanitarian corridor to help Ukrainians who needed refuge outside their country.

Thanks to the cooperation of the foundation “Juntos por la vida” and Juan Manuel Baixauli, founder of Consultia, we have been pioneers in contributing with logistical transport support. This communication work in the first steps made many other companies, entities and individuals want to join the initiative.

With all the collaborations and media coverage, this effort has managed to bring thousands of Ukrainian families and offer them a safe place with everything they need, as well as opening the largest humanitarian aid warehouse for Ukrainian refugees in the Valencian Community.

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Return home

We repatriated more than 800 people during the ‘state of alarm’ over Covid-19.

We decided to launch a campaign under the name of ‘Return Home’ to repatriate those Spaniards who wanted to return home and who were caught out of our borders by the pandemic on a business, leisure or educational trip. Something that was really complicated due to the restrictions imposed.

In this way, we helped many citizens who thought it would not be possible to return home, to overcome “situations of real distress”, directing our web communication and social media campaigns to spread the word about the work we carry out free of charge and making it possible to help as many people as possible.

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Duna Lodge

Duna Lodge is a small complex of cabins on the beach of Guinjata. Here we have focused our efforts in defence of marine and coastal biodiversity.

We are committed to promoting the local development of the population through sustainable nature tourism, on the basis of promoting nature tourism and defending the biodiversity of the ocean.

We have therefore created a whale-watching and surveillance platform that is shared with the maritime authority and helps to prevent the hunting of sea turtles, the plundering of their nests and the killing of young dolphins and manta rays in illegal nets. In this way, we help to preserve the extraordinary natural beauty of this bay and generate employment for young fishermen.

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