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If you are an innovative and efficient company but still manage your corporate travel manually and analogically, it's time to change

Save up to 20% from the first year of implementation with Destinux by eliminating manual travel management, eliminating islands of information, incorporating well-implemented travel policies and eliminating supplier contracting and service costs with an all-in-one solution.

Do you need to improve the people travel experience and increase the satisfaction of your company’s travellers?

Say hello to the new generation of corporate travel management that your team is waiting for, with a solution that allows them to see their own options, book and organise their trips autonomously if they wish, with a personal travel assistant who knows them and assist them when they have any unforeseen event before, during and after the trip.

Learn about the case of Auxiliar Conservera and how they achieved it.

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If you find difficult to make decisions because you don’t have de right information at your fingertip?

Consolidate the management of your trips in a cloud-based solution to have all information needed to make decisions real time. Don’t wait a second, it’s your time and it’s the most valuable thing you have. Make decisions when you needed.

If you need to be able to justify the ROI of your travel investment and you don't have the tools to do this

✔ Allocate budgets to your company’s objectives and know the ROI of your travel.

✔ Monitor and readjust when you need to and take control of your budgets.

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If you are looking for measures to reduce the environmental impact of your business

Destinux Green makes it easy for companies to have their carbon footprint offset. The company can verify and offset its carbon footprint by participating in a selection of environmental and social responsibility projects from which the company can choose and obtain the certificate with just one click.

The solution incorporates blockchain technology, which provides security throughout the process, generating trust and ensuring the real impact of carbon offsetting activities.
In addition, it provides transparency to the company by clearly knowing the project in which it can invest and offset, as well as its price in a totally transparent way.

About Destinux Green

If you don't want to waste your time and money having information in different applications not integrate

Integrate Destinux with your ERP, whatever it is, and eliminate islands of information.
If you have different systems that are not connected and you need to have the information connected, it is time to have it all consolidated in one place and have all the information in your system in one click, to make the right decisions whenever you need it.

Now you can contract Destinux through V-Valley.
The perfect complement to corporate travel management for Microsoft clients.

One single interface

Destinux provide you the technology that digitalizes and automates all the processes involved in the management of your trips, integrating them into your system (ERP) if you need it, without losing the human service of a professional with a name and surname who will attend you throughout the process and resolve any setbacks that may arise before, during and after the trip.
Having someone on the other side of the phone means not being left stranded if your taxi doesn’t arrive, or your flight has changed. Because digitalisation is not at odds with human contact.

The solution that your company deserves, no matter what size it is

Destinux adapts to any type of corporation, both SMEs and large corporations to help them save up to 20% on their corporate travel management costs, improve the traveller experience and integrate with your company's strategy.The cloud-based solution is designed to integrate the business structure and management requirements of companies, regardless of structural complexity, number of employees, countries of operation or corporate policy.

Our goal is the satisfaction of our customers

Stop wasting time and money and save up to 20% incorporate travel management costs. How?

Save up to 40%

Comply with company policies and save 5-15% of your travel budget. (Source: Aberdeen Group)

Save up to 70%

Automate travel authorisation and approval processes and save up to 70% of your team's time spent on this task.

Save up to 6%

Digitally allocate travel expenses to the relevant CECOS, project or unit.

Save costs

Eliminates integration costs between suppliers (technology and travel agency) to provide a single solution for the company

Save money

With an all cloud-based travel, that pay annual subscription and eliminate management fees, and maintains the service of a Personal Travel Assistant.

Save time

All travel documentation in the employee's online diary. Eliminates loss documents, claim time and misplacement.

Save time

It has a process and an information system that allows to have historical data and to easily prepare annual budgets.

Save time & money

Integration with the client's ERP. Eliminates gaps in information and manual processes.

Stop wasting time and money. If you want to know how much savings you could have in your company, click here and start calculating.

Why do we do what we do?

Accelerating the digital transformation of travel and expense management will be vital to improving the employee experience and achieving corporate objectives in the coming year (Source: Forrester Consulting Dec. 2022).

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Destinux Products

Destinux Freemium

For free

Free access to one of the Destinux modules.Technology and centralisation of bookings at no cost. An automatic fee is added for each flight and train booking, all other products are free of charge.

Access Destinux's booking module and centralise all your bookings in one place

⭐ Connection with the travel industry. Access to the entire Destinux product offer; hotels, flats, flights, rent a car, Renfe, Iryo, Balearia, taxis and transfers.⭐ Invoices per service always located.⭐ All travel documentation and itineraries available at any time and organised with the traveller's agenda.

For freelancers and small companies starting to professionalise this area.

Start testing the Destinux booking module with Freemium.

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Destinux Premium

49€ per month

Price from and based on annual travel spend of less than €40k.Minimum subscription of one year + set up fee (one time).

Save up to 20% with a cloud-based solution that digitises travel management without losing the human touch, to gain efficiency and improve the experience of the travelling team.

⭐ Personalised assistance⭐ Well implemented travel policy⭐ Automated approval/authorisations⭐ Allocation of expenses to specific cost centres or departments⭐ Budget allocation by department/individuals⭐ Credit card reconciliation⭐ Online information and documentation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year⭐ Budgeting⭐ Budget control⭐ Data integration (ERP)⭐ Travel ROI calculation⭐ Decarbonisation of travel

Technology within reach of SMEs and large companies, regardless of size or complexity. Destinux is popularised to be accessible to any type of company that wants to be more efficient, sustainable and productive.

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