In Consultia Business Travel, have decided to go with you in the process of the corporative Travel management for your employees.

For this, not only we could give you a tool to do all the actions with, we have also wanted to leave at your disposal an specialized agent available whenever you need.
It is in your hands decide how you want to do the Bookings: with our self-booking tool, with an specialized agent or both.

Octopus Tech Selfbooking tool

Autonomy and empowerment

Thanks to our tool, every user will be able to do their searches, see the detailed Price information, book hotels, cars and flights; in conclusion manage their Bookings online. Everything from any devise without the action of any agent, but with the advantage of an efficient system that supports them.

Multiuser functiunality

Perfect for a Travel manager. Our tool will identify who is every user that logs in it, to which department belongs and which are his purchase policies.

In addition, the same user will be able to book for other users, his own department, others, all the Company group or different partnerships

Self-booking flights

Every user will be able to see detailed information, prices and book flights immediately from any devide as well. The results can also be filtered according different criteria.

Self-booking hotels

Locate and compare hotels, has never been so easy. Thanks to our tool you will be able to choose hotel and the users for those that you want to book this location.

Self-booking rent a car

Self-booking rent a car. Your car now only in one click. Choose which is the one that fits better for location, prices or specifical needs.

Self-booking transfer

Your private transport with an approved driver in more than 160 countries. You can book all kind of routes; from an airport to the city center, from one city to another, etc. It also includes the follow-up and monitoring of the flight, in case there are delays and time changes.

Self-booking Projects

Choose the Project that your are going to assign the expenses among all the existing ones. In this way you will have the most exhaustive control of every item.


Consultia Travel Concierge Service

An specialized agent at your disposal

Our working model, asigns immediately an expert agent to every Customer, that will put at your disposal all his know-how to offer the best Service that fits to your needs.

Offline Action

When you have any online problem, our agent will assist you to solve it.

Personalized Assistance


Knowing that someone understands and knows your situation at everymoment is the key for your safety.

Carrying out procedures

Suppliers negotiation, visa procedures, special requests… Act with issues that need a personal assistance, helping to the Customer.

We believe in people

Technology is a tool that allows to optimizes efficiency, but we put at your disposal, the best of every person.


Why trust in Consultia Business Travel


Total connection with suppliers, Bookings centers, Travel documentation or administrative.

The best Price

The system analyses the market on real time, searching the best rates and availability. Furthermore, its algorithm can make the best choice for the shown alternatives.

Data control

You can get customised reports per user or Company. Invoices, Travel documents or reports. Everything at your disposal 365 days a year.


All the Business rules and purchasing policies are integrated into the system. Is always searching the time optimization and the management of the information.

Personal agent

We offer a 100% online Service, but you will also find at your disposal an expert agent. Our philosophy combines the best of technology, with the best of people.

Innovation and permanent improvement

Our technical team Works daily to improve our system. You will get news, product incorporations… And we are also open-minded to recieve your suggestions to be more useful and make your work more simple.