The MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Conferencing, and Exhibitions) sector plays a fundamental role in the field of business tourism.

As we know, this sector encompasses different types of events and activities with the main objective of establishing interaction and collaboration between professionals from different areas. Thus, these events range from the development of meetings to the organisation of conferences, congresses, exhibitions and, from a more recreational perspective, incentive trips; activities that are increasingly becoming a vital part of the strategy of many companies.

While 2022 was the year in which the MICE tourism sector recovered from the serious downturn caused by the health crisis, 2023 is the year of growth and consolidation, recording turnover figures that are beginning to exceed those that characterised the years prior to the pandemic. These figures confirm that face-to-face events are back, stronger than before and ready to prevail over online events.

So, in this year of full expansion, at Consultia Business Travel we want to focus on the importance of organising corporate events; a key area within MICE.

Without a doubt, organising corporate events has become a fundamental task for companies seeking objectives such as establishing contacts and strengthening working relationships, promoting and publicising new product and service launches, improving their brand image, or celebrating commemorations and anniversaries.

It is clear that organising corporate events has many advantages. However, a large number of factors must be taken into account when planning them in order to guarantee their optimum development. Would you like to know more about them? From Consultia Business Travel, we’ll tell you about them!

What types of corporate events are there?

As we mentioned, corporate events have become a fundamental part of business life, allowing companies to connect with each other and improve working relations with their employees, clients, partners, salespeople… In this sense, there are many organisational possibilities offered by this branch of MICE.

What types of corporate events can you organise in your company?

Product launch

First of all, one of the most common types of corporate events is the one organised with the aim of announcing a new product or service in a company.

This type of event can be approached in two different ways: either it can be exclusively for partners, employees or customers, or it can be held in public. Whether in petit comité or in open, the aim is always to generate impact and capture the attention of the target audience.

Undoubtedly, product launch events comprise a unique opportunity to enhance the brand image, highlighting the product’s features, its competitive advantages and its value proposition. On the other hand, this type of event also allows the establishment of relationships with the media and potential customers, generating an initial impulse that favours its acceptance in the market.

Conferences and seminars

On the other hand, conferences and seminars comprise another of the most frequent types of corporate events in companies. These events bring together experts and professionals in a specific field to share knowledge, discuss relevant topics and provide learning opportunities for both employees and companies.

Meetings and conventions

In third place, meetings are a fundamental part of the organisation of a company or institution, making it possible for the team to communicate internally with different objectives. Generally speaking, it is an essential activity in strategic planning, so that a good organisation is decisive for the good development of the company.

Conventions, on the other hand, are a type of event whose main objective is to bring together a group of participants, usually belonging to the same company or network of customers and suppliers, in order to achieve a specific company-related objective.

This type of event, which is attended by a large number of company employees, usually has a pre-established programme and lasts for several days. In short, they are events that seek to bring together the entire team of the organisation, even from different geographical locations, in a common place to discuss strategies, objectives and results, as well as to foster cohesion among employees and improve internal communication.

Corporate parties and celebrations

An anniversary, a retirement, a landmark in the company… these are some of the reasons why companies decide to hold corporate parties. Generally speaking, this type of event, on an internal level, aims to reinforce the employees’ sense of belonging and the cohesion of the team.

These are just a few examples of the types of corporate events that exist. Of course, each of them must be organised according to the specific objectives of the company as well as the target audience.

Factors to consider when organising corporate events

When organising any type of corporate event, it is essential to take into account various factors that seek, as the main objective, to guarantee the success of the planning and execution of the celebration.

Consultia Business Travel, as a company specialising in the management of corporate events with extensive experience in the sector, provides advice and support to companies in order to carry out efficient management and a completely personalised organisation according to the proposed objectives.

What factors should be taken into account when organising corporate events? From Consultia, we reveal some of the most important ones:

Objectives of the event

Is it a social event, is the objective to strengthen relationships with clients, or to learn about the latest trends in the sector? In any case, it is important to define the objective of the event very well because, depending on what it is, the rest of the actions will be developed and the necessary decisions will be taken so that the celebration runs smoothly.


The budget is a crucial aspect in the organisation of corporate events, as the majority of the contracts to be carried out will depend on it, among which we can distinguish the variables of hiring the space, accommodation, transport, allowances, etc., as well as any extras that may arise.

Resources required

Identifying the necessary resources, both human and material, is essential to guarantee a successful organisation of the corporate event.

Sometimes it is necessary to present documents or reports, so having the necessary audiovisual materials and technical professionals will be essential for the smooth running of the event, thus avoiding any unforeseen events or setbacks.

Travel and accommodation

If the event is to be held outside the city, it will be necessary to consider hiring the travel expenses of the participants to the event. The same applies if the corporate event involves participants coming from other cities. This requires careful planning, as the number of people, locations, arrival and departure times, etc. must all be taken into account.

Providers and services

The selection of reliable and quality service providers is essential for the success of the corporate event. Among these services we can differentiate between hiring a caterer, a public address service, an entertainment company… always depending on the final objective of the event.

Permits and regulations

Finally, complying with legal requirements, as well as obtaining the necessary permits, is essential in the organisation of any corporate event. To this end, all the legal and regulatory aspects that apply to the organisation of this type of celebrations must be known, thus ensuring compliance with the applicable regulations.

What are the advantages for companies of having a specialised corporate event management company?

As you can see, there are many variables to take in consideration when it comes to organising any corporate event, however small it may be. That is why, many times, having an agency specialised in corporate events is the best option for creating transformational events that allow companies to make an impact and achieve their objectives.

At Consultia Business Travel, as a company that organises corporate events, we offer a 360º service, proposing tailor-made solutions for the management of large and small events anywhere in the world, always from a personalised perspective and with the aim of helping to achieve your company’s objectives.

Experience and knowledge of the sector

At Consultia we have a team of professionals specialised in each of the different disciplines that make up MICE. Our experience and knowledge in the field allow us to offer a strategic and efficient approach to the planning and organisation of any type of event.

Saving time and resources

As we have seen, organising a corporate event requires significant time, effort and resources. By relying on Consultia Business Travel, companies can outsource this work with complete peace of mind and confidence and dedicate their internal resources to other key activities of their business.

Extensive network of suppliers and contacts

Due to our extensive experience in the sector, we have an extensive network of suppliers and contacts in the corporate events industry. This allows us to provide companies with the best options for transport, accommodation, catering and other necessary services. In addition, our optimal relationship with these suppliers results, in most cases, in preferential rates and the best service conditions.

Customisation and adaptability

Every company has unique needs and objectives for its corporate events. From a small internal meeting to an international congress, at Consultia we are able to adapt to any need and offer customised solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each client, ensuring that the event reflects the identity and objectives of the company.

Comprehensive management

Finally, at Consultia we take care of all aspects of the organisation of the event, from the initial planning to the execution and subsequent follow-up. This includes managing budgets, reservations, logistics, supplier coordination, and permit applications, among others. Our holistic approach ensures smooth and efficient management of the entire process.

What is your next event? At Consultia Business Travel, we are always ready to advise you and help you achieve all your objectives. Contact us to find out more about our MICE department!