Include taxis and transfer in your business trip

Your door-to-door travel


At Consultia Business Travel, business travellers can plan their trip from their front door, booking their private transport from Destinux, the SaaS that digitises and automates the management of business travel.

Private transfers and taxis have become a basic service that has increased significantly since the pandemic. In recent months, taxi bookings through Destinux have increased significantly, with a 49% increase in March compared to the previous month.

It was last September when the company implemented in its booking system the transfer service with private transport connection in more than 160 countries, and then added the taxi and VTC service in more than 90 countries, to facilitate the business traveller the complete management of all their trips with a wide range of possibilities and with the possibility of making the reservation both through the Personal Travel Assistant service and through the Destinux online booking platform.

We have already seen that, due to the healthcare situation, advances in technology and the value of digitalisation, the preferences and consumption habits of the business traveller have changed significantly. These changes include the need to preserve their personal security, to digitise and eliminate tedious and unproductive processes, to have everything centralised in a single system and to achieve more efficient and profitable trips.



Connectivity with industry

Destinux connects with 3 million hotels, 27 car rental companies, 650 airlines through 4 GDS worldwide, the connection with transfers in more than 160 countries and from today, the offer of taxis and vtc in more than 90 countries and Renfe in its booking platform, thus achieving online connectivity with the travel industry in just one click and allowing corporate travellers to fully manage their transfers.


How does the private transfer and taxi service work?


From Destinux, the client can make online reservations with the wide range of taxis and vtc to travel on all types of journeys; from the airport to the hotel, from the meeting place to the airport, etc. Without having to make payments and request receipts during the trip.

Like any other Destinux module, it is designed and developed for the business traveller. A fast, agile and intuitive system that shows the most economical, advantageous and sustainable options according to the criteria indicated, and automatically generates the travel documentation in the “travel agenda” module, without waiting and without the risk of losing confirmations and documents.

In addition, bookings can be made through the system with Destinux’s Personal Travel Assistant service, which assigns a person with a name and surname to the company, a professional who saves resources and time for the client, plans the trip, controls possible risks and looks after the user before, during and after the trip, so that they can focus on their business trip and not on the logistics.

If you have any doubts or need more information, contact us and we will inform you of everything.