With numbers in the sector already exceeding those recorded in the years prior to the health crisis, business travel has returned with new needs and priorities to be taken into account both in its organisation and in fostering a pleasant experience and atmosphere among employees, making it clear that there is a need to consider the new concerns that business travellers bring to the table.

From Consultia Business Travel, the company specialising in the comprehensive management of business travel, we bring you all the keys that will help you to improve the satisfaction of business travellers and, consequently, to increase the working environment in the office and also to improve the performance of your employees. Keep reading!

What is the profile of business travellers today?

The current profile of business travellers is very different to that of a few years ago and this is a consequence, for example, of the incorporation of new generations in companies, the experience lived during the health crisis and the implementation of teleworking or flexible working.

Understanding this, considering their new needs and concerns has become essential to achieve a more motivated team and, therefore, committed to achieving the objectives proposed in the companies.

Generally speaking, these new needs of business travellers are reflected in the prioritisation of greater autonomy and flexibility in their trips. A new context that is resolved with the implementation of technologies that, in addition to the automation of management processes that optimise time and resources, allow them to make decisions about their own bookings; decisions that, of course, follow and respect the company’s organisational criteria.

In short, business travellers are looking for greater prominence and consideration in the travel management stage; new priorities that can be achieved, among other things, through a flexible travel policy that takes into account aspects such as the multi-intentionality of corporate travel, the possibility of choosing between several accommodation options, the authorisation of benefits for frequent travellers or, as we mentioned earlier, bleisure.

Finally, the commitment to sustainability during travel is another key factor to be taken into account, as the “eco-consciousness” of business travellers is growing.

Tips to improve the experience of business travellers

What should companies take into account to improve the experience of business travellers? We tell you all about it!

1- Accompaniment and travel assistance

First of all, business travellers find it very reassuring to have someone to assist them during their trip and to advise them and keep an eye on them throughout the whole process; before, during and after the trip.

It is essential for them to have the attention of a professional on the other end of the phone who knows where they are at all times and is capable of resolving doubts and offering quick solutions without waiting, prioritising personalised attention that allows them to have an expert with a name and surname who knows them and resolves any unforeseen eventuality.

In this way, having a travel assistant or Personal Travel Assistant has become practically essential nowadays.

2- Customisation of corporate travel policies and management

According to a recent study by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), 33% of business travellers believe that greater flexibility in managing their travel is key to improving their experience every time they leave the office.

In short, new business travellers are looking for the ability to make more personalised decisions, tailoring their itinerary according to their individual preferences.

Another increasingly valued aspect of personalised travel is the application of specific frequent flyer benefits. These benefits could include, for example, choosing one’s travel provider, being compensated with an extra night, or having more holiday days.

All these aspects can be reflected in a personalised travel policy that is adaptable to the new preferences of business travellers.

3- Environmental awareness in business travel

On the other hand, GBTA data indicate that, currently, more than 95% of business travellers are concerned about the environmental footprint of their trips, a fact that has come to be known, nowadays, as “eco-consciousness”.

Understanding this new concern, it is essential for companies to offer alternatives that help to make travel more neutral and sustainable; a fact that will not only improve the well-being and satisfaction of the business traveller, but will also contribute to the improvement of the company’s corporate social responsibility.

How does travel management software like Destinux help to improve the satisfaction of business travellers?

At Consultia Business Travel, specialists in business travel assistance, we have taken all these new priorities and integrated them into our Destinux platform; the travel management software created to provide all companies with the facilities they need when organising their business trips.

With Destinux, your business travellers have access to:

  • Full customisation of travel policies. Destinux offers adaptability of policies according to position, budget and personal preferences, including, in addition, options for leisure.
  • Choice of suppliers with the booking module to access the most optimal and suitable alternatives for each traveller.
  • Monitor, and even offset, the carbon footprint of your trips thanks to Destinux Green, the first software in the sector to offer this possibility.
  • Organise your own travel programme, both individually and as a group. Our travel management software gives you the autonomy to search and book for yourself and other travellers, letting employees know all the options available to them, creating their own budgets and getting all the documentation organised in the travel diary.
  • Personal Travel Assistant; a professional with a name and surname who is always available for the traveller, solving any doubts or unforeseen events that may arise before, during or after the trip.

In short, improving the personal satisfaction of business travellers as well as their experience during the trip is possible thanks to the commitment of solutions such as Destinux; a travel management software that brings together all the new priorities of travellers and enables, on a single platform, a greater number of facilities in all the processes involved in the organisation of business trips.

Do you want to know more about how to improve the satisfaction of your business travellers and optimise travel management in your company? At Consultia Business Travel we will be happy to provide you with all the information you need. Contact us!