Today, corporate travel management has become an increasingly complex task due to the need for organisations to digitise processes in order to save costs and ensure total efficiency and agility, as well as to ensure the best travel experience for the travelling team, thereby increasing the company’s productivity and improving results.

Given these new preferences, having the right end-to-end travel management solution has become essential for all companies looking to optimise their processes and achieve fully efficient travel management.

Destinux; the comprehensive business travel management software developed by Consultia, allows companies to automate processes, optimise resources, improve efficiency and productivity, and make more informed decisions.

Want to know all the ways in which Destinux can help you manage your business travel? We tell you all about it here:

What role does Destinux play in corporate travel management?

Whether you are a small company or a large business group, digitising corporate travel management is, nowadays, an essential factor in streamlining management processes and optimising resources. In this sense, platforms such as Destinux are becoming great allies for companies of all kinds thanks to their comprehensive and centralised management of corporate travel.

Destinux’s all-in-one service is able to digitise and automate all the processes involved in organising corporate travel, eliminating manual travel management, avoiding islands of information, incorporating well-implemented travel policies, and eliminating the need to hire more suppliers and, consequently, the costs of their services. But, in addition to these, what specific advantages does Destinux offer to corporate travel management processes?

  • Integration with other systems and ERPs in your company: Thanks to its end-to-end approach, Destinux can be seamlessly connected to the different systems and ERPs in your company, including, for example, Microsoft Business Central, Oracle and Sap.

Destinux’s integration with other systems and ERPs also provides greater visibility and real-time control over travel spend, facilitating decision-making and financial planning. With up-to-date and accurate data, managers can more accurately assess the financial impact of travel and adjust spending policies according to changing business needs.

  • Centralisation of bookings: Thanks to its booking module, companies and employees will be able to access from a single platform:
  • More than 3 million hotels
  • 27 car rental companies
  • 650 airlines
  • RENFE and Iryo
  • Transfers in more than 160 countries
  • Taxis and VTC in more than 90 countries
  • Balearia

In addition, from the travel agenda, travellers can consult their tickets and itinerary at any time, thus being aware of possible incidents or last-minute changes.

  • Customisation of travel policies: With Destinux, companies can establish specific travel policies that perfectly fit their internal objectives and requirements, as the platform allows them to define different criteria and budget limits.

This customisation makes it easier for travellers to comply with policies. In addition, employees can plan their trips more autonomously and in line with their preferences, resulting in greater personal satisfaction.

  • Real-time spend monitoring and analysis: Real-time budget tracking is another key feature of Destinux for any company. Thanks to its Travel Management Dashboard, companies have all the centralised information they need to keep track of corporate travel budgets.

With this monitoring functionality, it is possible, for example, to monitor budget deviations in near real time and adjust travel spending policies accordingly in an agile and efficient way, minimising wasted resources.

  • Accompaniment and human and personalised assistance thanks to the Personal Travel Assistant service: Despite having automation and digitalisation functionalities, the human touch is never neglected. That is why another way in which Destinux can help your company is through our Personal Travel Assistant; a team of highly trained professionals dedicated to supporting each traveller in a 100% personalised way at every stage of their journey.

Thanks to this travel assistance team, travellers feel supported and reassured in the knowledge that they have a team of experts at their disposal, allowing them to focus on their business objectives and make the most of every trip.

Why choose travel management software for your company?

As we have seen, in an increasingly competitive and globalised business environment, having a comprehensive technological solution specialised in travel management such as Destinux offers a series of advantages that contribute to the efficiency and satisfaction of both employees and company management, among them:

  • Optimisation and centralisation of processes: from planning and booking to tracking and reporting of expenses, bringing companies the possibility to stop wasting time and money in the management of their business travel and being able to achieve, among many other savings, a reduction of up to 40% of costs coming from traditional management expenses.
  • Centralisation of information and real-time traceability: Centralising all travel data on a unified platform provides a complete, real-time view of travel expenses and activities. This facilitates informed and strategic decision-making, enabling the business to identify opportunities for savings and optimisation.
  • Travel policies and compliance: Our travel management software enables clear and customised travel policies to be established for travellers, ensuring that corporate criteria are respected and unnecessary expenses are avoided. In addition, approval and authorisation mechanisms can be implemented to ensure compliance with these policies.
  • Improved traveller experience: With travel management software like Destinux, employees can access tools and services that facilitate their user experience, allowing them to make more autonomous decisions. From flight and hotel booking to itinerary management and real-time support, the software offers a traveller-centric approach, increasing traveller satisfaction and productivity.
  • Analytics and reporting: In addition, Destinux provides detailed analytics and customised reporting on business travel spend and performance. This allows the company to evaluate the effectiveness of its travel policy, identify areas for improvement and negotiate more favourable corporate agreements with suppliers.
  • Personalised accompaniment and assistance: Finally, Destinux goes beyond being a simple software, as it offers a service of accompaniment and human assistance with its Personal Travel Assistant. Thus, travellers can count on real-time support in the event of any incident or query, which significantly improves their experience during the trip.

As you can see, opting for travel management software in your company like Destinux is a strategic decision that generates multiple advantages for any company. Organisations that have already made the leap to digitisation and comprehensive management of their business travel have already witnessed significant savings in both costs and time.

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