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Destinux, finalist of the MIA 2023 awards in the innovation category as the first business travel SaaS


  • The Consultia Business Travel solution has been selected for its innovative model that allows the digitalised management of corporate travel through a SaaS that integrates with the client’s ERPs (Microsoft, Oracle, Sap…), eliminates traditional management fees, reduces time and costs, without losing the human touch.


  • The innovation award is one of the most highly valued awards and is given to companies that make a significant and novel change in the value proposition and customer satisfaction.


  • The winner will be announced on 14 June in Valencia, during the gala awards ceremony, as part of the 12th edition of the Mediterranean Marketing Night.


Madrid, 5 June 2023. Destinux, the first SaaS that digitises and automates all travel processes and expenses developed by Consultia Business Travel, has been selected as a finalist for the MIA Awards 2023 organised by the Mediterranean Marketing Club.


Destinux has been distinguished in the category of “Innovation, one of the most valued awards that recognises companies that represent a significant and novel change in the value proposition and customer satisfaction. The growing need for companies to be more efficient has led the company to make this technology available to companies that need to digitise their travel management processes and save costs. As a finalist, Destinux will also compete for the ‘Best MIA 2023 Award’ which will be voted live by the attendees during the awards gala.


For the selection of the finalists in the innovation category, the jury keep in mind aspects such as the degree of novelty, the improvement of customer experience, the adaptation to undertake new distribution channels or the launch of products to cover new needs. Destinux stands out in all of these aspects, as it is an innovative technology that has meant a change in the way of contracting, from the traditional travel agency, to offering a comprehensive corporate travel management software licence that integrates with the client’s systems (ERP), eliminates the traditional management fees and reduces time and costs. All of this, without losing the human touch by having a Personal Travel Assistant, with whom the traveller has an assigned person at their disposal who is in charge of solving any possible unforeseen eventuality that may arise.


The MIA 2023 Awards will be held at the El Huerto de Santa María (Valencia) on 14 June, as part of the 12th edition of the Mediterranean Marketing Night. The winner will be announced during the event which, in the words of the organisers, “will pay tribute to those who go beyond the pre-established to find new opportunities, to those who write beyond the margins and are capable of thinking big, without forgetting the small print”.


Consultia Business Travel was founded in 2010, as a company specialising in corporate travel with the aim of offering the best customer service with the most innovative technology. With the concern to make processes more efficient, the company has developed from the beginning, Destinux, the corporate travel management software that represents significant savings for companies. For this reason it has recently been distinguished with the Gaceta del Turismo Award for “Best business travel software”. 



About Consultia Business Travel

Consultia Business Travel® is a Spanish company specialising in the all in one management of business travel (Travel Management Company). Thanks to Destinux®, its differentiated solution based on cloud-based software with a personalised advisory service (Personal Travel Assistant), it offers a comprehensive solution for the management of business travel. In addition to managing the needs of meetings, incentives, congresses and events (MICE) that the company needs.

The company, with Spanish capital and founded in 2010, currently has offices in Spain and Portugal. The Growth Stage startup has integrated into its powerful management system nearly 3 million hotels, more than 600 airlines, 27 car rental companies around the world and private transfers in more than 160 countries, trains, boats and taxis and VTCs in more than 90 states, achieving online connectivity and efficiency that stand out in the corporate travel market.