We have developed a tool able to cover all the needs of every single Company, that will empower your Business Travel

You will be able to define the sales rules, do your own Bookings or the ones for other departments, monitor customized expenses, get an historic of invoices or set your purchase policies. Definetly, a system designed to empower you.

All in one

Flight, hotels or rent a car Bookings from the same tool.

Register of the Company structure

Reflect in the system your Company structure, subsidiaries, cost center, departments, projects…

Information always availabe

Have at your disposal, past or future Bookings, as well as historic of invoices, and enjoy the relief of having everything in one device.

Register the type of payment

Define the invoicing rules, the types of payment, choose the type of Booking note and way of issue, or determinate the needs for your Accounting department.

Register other users

They will be able to do their own Bookings, compare prices and be completly self-sufficient.

Analysis and customised monitor

Do your own reports, Statistics and customised graphics. You can lay down saving rules, as well and have the control and follow up any item.


You will have a Corporate Travel agent, with deep knowledge of your Company and your purchase policies.

Integration in the ERP

You will be able to integrate it in your system without problem, and this will allow to end with resources asigned to store invoices or other administrative tasks.

Set up of your purchasing policies

Lay down the rules from the base to the top, such as qualitative (supplier) as quantitative (costs limits) and according to personal preferences.

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    90% Saving in administrative costs

    Reduce administrative tasks and have the control of everything from the same place.

    Service costs savings

    The system compares and choose, showing only the most optimal Price of the market.

    Data control

    Make a complete analysis of the expenses in your travels, customised your graphics, break down every detail, etc…

    Personal agent

    An agent is assigned to your Company, manages, does different processes, advises, knows the users of your Company and makes easy the day-to-day of the Company.


    75% Ahorro en costes administrativos

    Reduce las tareas administrativas y controla todo desde un mismo sitio.

    Ahorro en costes de servicio

    El sistema compara y selecciona, mostrando únicamente el precio más óptimo del mercado.

    Control de datos

    Analiza al completo el consumo de tus viajes, personaliza tus gráficas, dispón de estadísticas, desglosa cada detalle, etc.

    Gestor personal

    Un gestor es asignado a tu empresa, gestiona, realiza diversos trámites, asesora, conoce a los usuarios de tu empresa y hace fácil el día a día de tu empresa.


    We have the perfect software of Corporate Travel management for your Company.