We have the perfect software to manage your Corporate travels of your Company. We can affirm this because we are longer than 8 years detecting needs that come up at the companies, and offering an answer with a tool that joins them.

The result is a system that manages your own travels, in continue evolution where join all kind of improvements with the purpouse to be up to customers like you, adapting to the growth of your Company.

A tailor-made Service

We will asign you an specialized agent of our Business Travel center, that will deeply know your Company needs and will adapt to your Schedule.

In addition you will have acces to private negotiated fares.


It allows to locate every single user on a preiod of time. A user can see the situation of his department colleagues, of all departments, or the whole Company. Can also add as many users as he have Access to show the location instantly.

Staying abroad report

The system allows to get all the information of your travels. This will help to do the Tax Declaration for those users who Travel abroad very often. Tax rules may be different, if they are national or international.

CO2 Report

Realy important for the responsibility area of the Company, sustainability or other aspects that need this kind of information



New product inclusion, especific for every company

Easy Customer management located at every country, adding the information globally

Personalised system development of information and analysis

Technical adjustment to the ERP

Personalised invoicing and way of payment

Personalised adjustment to the levels of access of the system

Integration of the tool system or data from other systems necesary for the customer

Information flow addapted to the needs of the Company

All this things remark the advantage of our Corporate Travel software, due to its adaptability for your Company.

We think in the long term inclusions. As we do not depend on a third party, we are able to develop improvements at the system in order to act faster to the technological progress.