Sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of all the expenses involved in business travel. However, this task is essential to be able to prepare and monitor a business travel budget according to the needs and possibilities of each organisation.

At Consultia Business Travel, as specialists in corporate travel management, we would like to provide you with the keys so that you can have complete supervision of your corporate travel budget.

Do you know the Travel Management Dashboard? We present it to you!

How to set the optimal budget for your business travels

Tracking and analysing travel expenses is always one of the most important issues, especially when it comes to business travel, where every movement must be recorded.

At Consultia Business Travel we are well aware of the needs of companies when it comes to travelling. That’s why, as experts in organising business trips, we have launched a new tool that allows you to control your company travel budget and save up to 20%.

The Travel Management Dashboard allows you to align your travel budget with your company’s objectives, while monitoring and analysing all data for instant readjustment.

With a complete commitment to the digitalisation of business travel, thanks to this new tool, it is possible to comply with the purchasing policies of each company, in addition to being able to have information at all times on where and when deviations in spending occur, thus being able to act accordingly and rectify errors.

In addition, this complete traceability in the corporate travel budget allows companies to save up to 20% of the total investment planned for corporate travel.

Travel Management Dashboard: analyse and control the budget of a business trip

Thanks to Destinux, Consultia Business Travel’s unique technology, it is possible to centralise all information related to an organisation’s business travel expenses.

The Travel Management Dashboard allows the company’s travel budget to be adjusted in relation to the objectives set by the company. In other words, this functionality makes it possible to align a company’s investment in corporate travel with the predefined objectives for its fiscal year, and to supervise that expenses do not deviate from the budget.

The procedure for controlling travel expenses is very easy. Once the necessary parameters have been set up in the system, the company, in real time, can monitor the status and changes of everything that happens during its trips. In addition, the information is presented in a very clear and structured way using visual means such as graphs and indicators, thus ensuring an excellent user experience on the platform.

This digitisation of business travel allows companies to facilitate all business travel management processes, as well as to obtain a complete analysis of travel expenses, being able to know which departments, profiles or units need more budget.

This monitoring brings with it benefits such as a 40% increase in compliance with purchasing policies and a 70% reduction in the time spent managing them.

Why digitise corporate travel management?

In addition to all the benefits we have already discussed, the digitisation of corporate travel not only has a positive impact on the monitoring of the business travel budget.

Many studies in the tourism sector have affirmed the great importance of corporate travel, making evident the positive return on investment.

If we add digitisation to all its advantages, we will obtain efficient management, complete control and total transparency and alignment between the company’s strategic objectives and compliance with purchasing policies and the established travel budget.

Do you want to know all the advantages of digitising your business travel budget? 

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