Consultia Travel, a sensation company in the business travel sector, begins its international expansion in Portugal after a great success in Spain

Portugal, May 25th, 2021. In times of great challenges, the Spanish company promises to transform the corporate travel market. Portugal was chosen the first country for the internationalization process and already has its first office in Porto. In a year in which the pandemic reduced imports to less than double and withdrew more than 6,700 million euros in exports (INE), the Spanish startup came to challenge the situation and the market, investing and settling in the north of the country.

The international project of the Spanish company Consultia Travel arrived in Portugal at a difficult time for the sector, but with the ambition to give companies new technological tools when traveling. With solid market experience and a customer-oriented business model, the company expects to achieve good results in the next year 2022.

Consultia Travel is a company specialized in comprehensive management and business travel advice (Travel Management Company) that combines its own technological development in the cloud (Octopus Tech), highly scalable, efficient and flexible, with a personalized advice service (Consultia Travel Concierge Service), offering a comprehensive solution for business travel management.

The new Porto office operates with this working system that provides various solutions to the client.

Ensure the efficiency of business trips by having its own software, which integrates and digitizes all business travel management processes in a single tool, which brings benefits that provide data control, efficiency in response times, control of costs and reduction of management costs. In addition, Consultia Travel Concierge Service offers all users a personalized service throughout their trip (hiring, during and after the trip), which allows them to control possible risks and guarantee the total security and support of the agency in case of eventual difficulties or incidents.

Therefore, one of the pillars of the implementation could only happen when Consultia Travel had professionals with proven experience in the Portuguese market. “This technology must be accompanied by qualified professionals with great knowledge of the needs of Portuguese companies, guaranteeing a high quality technical and human service,” said Carlos Martínez Sabater, CEO of Consultia Travel, at the inauguration of the office of Porto.

Who is the portugal team?

To achieve these objectives, Consultia Travel has a team of three highly qualified people: Luís Lima, in charge of the operation in Portugal; Ana Teixeira as director of the agency; and Sónia Amorim as account manager. These last two professionals with more than 20 years of experience in business travel.

It is not new that the pandemic has shaken all markets with an even greater impact on the travel sector. Luís Lima is confident in the future and affirms that “in the second half of 2021, Consultia Travel plans to achieve all the planned activity, believing that our clients will resume their business trips, providing them with all the support and personalized service. With good results for Consultia Travel Portugal and as part of its expansion project, it plans to integrate two more travel agents with extensive experience and an important portfolio, in order to increase the number of clients and the respective growth in billing ”.

Currently, Consultia Travel has renowned clients in the wine, pharmaceutical, design, IT and consulting industries.