The Spanish startup specialising in integrated management and advice for business trips


Consultia Business Travel launches the first comprehensive solution for business travel management


– It allows you to manage everything from the booking to the expense account in one click and even have the Personal Travel Assistant service, with which the traveller has an assigned person at their disposal to deal with any possible unforeseen event that may arise during the trip.

 – It represents a before and after in the sector’s business model by offering a comprehensive SaaS (software as a service) management system that eliminates management fees and integrates with multiple ERPs.

 – Destinux technology makes it possible to digitise and automate the management of travel and business expenses, achieving savings of up to 20%.


Madrid, 28 October 2021 – Can you imagine being able to manage your business trips with a single system without management fees and with all the automated processes and expenses integrated into a single solution? How would you like to have all the travel documentation, tickets and invoices for your company’s trips on a single website? What peace of mind would it give you to know that there is someone on the other side to solve any incident while you are travelling?

Consultia Business Travel, a Spanish company specialising in the comprehensive management of business trips, launches Destinux, an innovative system for the management of company trips that revolutionises the Business Travel sector by allowing the comprehensive, efficient and profitable management of business trips for any corporation.

This new technological solution represents a radical change in the business model of the corporate travel sector, which means “a before and after” by offering comprehensive management software that eliminates management fees and integrates with multiple ERPs. Thus, with this SaaS (software as a service) system, the client pays for using the software and avoids having to pay commissions for bookings, achieving savings of up to 20% in the first year.


Savings and efficiency in corporate travel management

Destinux‘s advanced technology and management system together with the Personal Travel Assistant service allows companies to reduce costs and make business travel efficient. Its main advantages are:

  • It digitises and automates all the processes involved in the management, administration and analysis of corporate travel.
  • It offers more than 3 million hotels, 27 car rental companies, 650 airlines, RENFE, transfer services in more than 160 countries and taxi and VTC services in more than 90 countries.
  • Integrates with the customer’s ERP. Bidirectional communication with the ERP eliminates islands of information, reduces processes and obtains real-time data for informed decision-making.
  • Adapts to the needs and peculiarities of companies, regardless of complexity.
  • Highly scalable technology, capable of advancing and anticipating changes in the sector.

In this way, Consultia Business Travel becomes the first company to put the business travel industry at the click of a button for SMEs and large corporations, responding to the current needs of this market.

The new Destinux system automates and digitises business travel processes by integrating them, if the client needs it, into the company’s system so that the user can book their trip, complying with company policy and pass on expenses that are integrated into the accounting system. All of this is located in the cloud allowing access and analysis of data in real time. In addition, it does so by humanising the management as a person is assigned to accompany the user from the booking of the trip until his return, so that the user can focus on his business trip, not on the logistics of the trip.

According to a study carried out by Consultia Business Travel, for every 1 euro invested in Destinux, the company can save between 4 and 6 euros, reducing business travel expenses by up to 20%.

According to Carlos Martínez, CEO of Consultia Business Travel, “when I came to Consultia it was clear to me: it is the travel management model needed by companies that want to be more efficient in the management of business trips, it adds professional service and an unbeatable digital platform”.

According to Juan Manuel Baixauli, COO of Consultia Business Travel, “the search for efficiency, digitalisation, savings, control, for the company and the quality of service to the traveller, have been the keys that have inspired us for years to achieve a development such as the one we have just presented now with Destinux“.


Five modules for efficient integrated business travel management

  • Destinux centralises in the same platform all the processes involved in travel management in an efficient and cost-effective way through different modules:
  • Booking module: makes the entire travel industry available to the company, with a single click (hotels, aeroplanes, taxis, car rental, RENFE).
  • Management, administration and financial module: allows the uploading of purchasing policies and business rules, automates and digitises the administrative/financial processes of travel, ensuring compliance with purchasing policies and eliminating manual operations.
  • Analysis and data module: allows the company to own and access all travel data generated, for budgeting, changes/adjustments in purchasing policy and business rules, CO2 and frequent traveller reports for income tax purposes.
  • Expenses and per diems module: allows the company user to pass on all travel expenses and per diems digitally and online, saving time and correctly accounting for VAT for the company (tool certified by the Spanish Ministry of Finance).
  • Technology module: allows the integration of travel management processes with the company’s internal systems (ERP), via API’s, eliminating islands of information in the company and speeding up decision-making in daily management.


About Consultia Travel

Consultia Business Travel® is a Spanish company specialising in the integrated management of business travel (Travel Management Company). It offers a differentiated solution based on software in the cloud (Destinux®) and a personalised advisory service (Personal Travel Assistant), offering a comprehensive solution for the management of business travel and also manages the needs of meetings, incentives, congresses and events (MICE) that the company needs.

The company, with Spanish capital and founded in 2010, currently has offices in Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza and Oporto. The startup has integrated into a powerful management system nearly 3 million hotels, more than 600 airlines, 27 car rental companies around the world and private transfers in more than 160 countries, achieving online connectivity and efficiency that stand out in the business travel market.