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Consultia Business Travel finances a bus to bring Ukrainian refugees to Valencia


  • The bus with a capacity of about fifty people will leave Valencia on Sunday with the intention of bringing the refugees on Wednesday 9 March.


  • The initiative comes from the businessman Juan Manuel Baixauli, president of Consultia Business Travel, and will be developed jointly with the Fundación Juntos por la Vida.


  • With this CSR action, the company encourages other entities to add their support to this humanitarian cause.

Madrid, March 4, 2022 – The startup specialising in comprehensive management and advice on business travel, Consultia Business Travel, has made a bus available to Ukrainian citizens who want to leave the country due to the war conflict, which will take them to the Valencian Community..

The bus, with a capacity for about fifty people, will leave Valencia on Sunday for Ukraine, with the intention of bringing the refugees back next Wednesday. The measures agreed last Thursday between Ukraine and Russia for the establishment of humanitarian corridors are now facilitating access to Ukraine from the border with Poland, which until a few days ago was impracticable.

The initiative is the brainchild of Valencian businessman Juan Manuel Baixauli, president of Consultia Business Travel, and will be developed in conjunction with the Juntos por la Vida Foundation, which is already leading initiatives to organise the reception of Ukrainian minors in Valencia. The organisation is collecting donations to turn this first bus trip into a continuous line that can bring more people to Valencia.

For the president of Consultia Business Travel, “this is an action that, as a businessman and as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Consultia Business Travel, we feel obliged to take in the face of the humanitarian disaster we are experiencing”. Baixauli recognises the importance of sending material and resources and points out that institutions have made space available for logistics, as well as transport professionals who have made themselves available to carry the material. However, he considers it essential to get people out of there. “Women and children can’t live in wards and gymnasiums indefinitely, and even if the Poles and Czechs take them in, they are a lot of people,” he says. The operation is being coordinated by the Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Valencia.

Actions to help the Ukrainian people continue to take place throughout Spain and the Valencian Community is making a significant contribution to support the Ukrainian people.  With this new initiative, Baixauli explains, “we seek to generate a feeling in society and in the Valencian business community of support for the refugees and this bus is not an isolated event, but a line that allows us to bring more people, house them and give them a decent period of life while the war ends”, insists the Valencian businessman.

If you are interested in collaborating with this initiative, please contact the Juntos por la Vida Foundation.


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