The Spanish startup specialising in integrated management and advice for business trips


Consultia Business Travel expands the functionalities of its Destinux technology platform to meet new demands in corporate travel management.

  • The Travel Management Dashboard allows you to align your travel budget with your company’s objectives, as well as monitor and analyse all data for instant readjustment.

  • It incorporates Destinux Green, the first functionality in the market with which a company can verify and compensate the carbon footprint it generates and obtain the official and approved certificate with just one click.

  • Destinux also expands its offer with the incorporation of Iryo’s high speed and Balearia services

Madrid, 10 January 2023. Post-pandemic business travel has undergone a profound transformation and companies are now demanding greater efficiency in all the processes involved in their business travel in order to meet their objectives. Corporate travellers need to be more strategic, more cost-effective, more sustainable and more secure. In order to adapt to the changing market situation and to respond to these new demands of the sector and its clients, Consultia Business Travel, a Spanish company specialising in the integrated management of business travel, has incorporated new functionalities to its Destinux technological platform.


Digital tools with which Destinux completes and expands its offer with the aim of continuing to evolve and advance in order to offer the best service in the management of business travel to its customers. Destinux’s technology has revolutionised business travel in recent years with a comprehensive digital and professionalised management model.


New functionalities that Destinux:


Travel Management Dashboard. It was created with the purpose of providing companies with a more strategic and efficient management of their corporate travel. It is a functionality that analyses in an easy and very visual way all the information related to business trips for an integral management based on the digitalisation of all the processes that makes it feasible for a company to know the ROI of its business trips. It makes it possible to align the investment in corporate travel with the predefined objectives for the fiscal year and control that they do not deviate from the budget, thus achieving savings of 20%.


It monitors all travel-related information to accommodate changing needs and environments, enabling senior management to make the best decisions in real time. In this way, an organisation can establish objectives; gauge compliance with travel purchasing policies; know which departments, profiles or units deviate the most from the budget; and the percentage of compliance with the budget in order to be able to react accordingly and correct errors. In short, a tool that makes it easier to have all the information so that the company can have a more strategic and efficient vision of its trips, saving time in this management and agility in obtaining the information.


Digitisation of budgets. A functionality that allows you to save the budgets corresponding to company trips, edit, download and manage them. The operation is based on making queries in the system’s search engines that connect with the travel industry, obtaining information on the services necessary for the trips in terms of schedules, costs, availability, options… A very useful tool for people who are in the daily management of reservations and company trips, for the traveller and for those responsible for purchasing who can use all this information to optimise the company’s internal management.


Registration and management of travellers. One of the fundamental capabilities of Destinux is that it registers and clones the client’s business structure. This parameterisation phase is carried out under study and advice by the operations team, which guarantees the maximum benefit of the qualities offered by the system. The organisation chart of a company is a living and very important element, so now and with the new update, customers can autonomously update this information on an ongoing basis. The person with this function enabled can register the users of his organisation and assign them to their corresponding cost centre or department.


Destinux Green. With this new functionality Destinux becomes the first platform for corporate travel management with which a company can verify and offset the carbon footprint it generates and obtain the official and approved certificate with just one click. Companies that offset all the carbon emissions they have generated during a year, through their participation in environmental and social responsibility projects, receive the ‘Destinux Green’ seal issued by Destinux. In this way, companies obtain their CO2 reports and can meet their environmental objectives, managing their business travel in a comprehensive and sustainable way.


Iryo High Speed. With this addition, Destinux becomes the first ERP to add the online booking system of the new high-speed offer for its customers. It allows to have a complete view of the fares offered and to book easily and simply the desired tickets, adjusting to the specifications of each user.


Consultia Business Travel has also recently reached an agreement with the Balearia shipping company to offer, through Destinux and within its booking module, the option of choosing boat transport for business travellers.


Destinux special rates. The system brings the entire travel industry within reach of the company: 650 airlines, trains, ships, 27 car rental companies, transfer services in more than 160 countries, taxis and VTC in more than 90 countries, more than 3 million hotels, 27 car rental companies and more than 3 million hotels.


With the new functionality, the system shows the customer both its negotiated fares and Consultia Travel’s special fares – differentiating them with the company’s or Consultia’s logo – and offering the options that match the search criteria, and the preferences and purchasing policies of the company and the user.


By negotiating directly with suppliers, Destinux is able to offer its customers a range of special offers and tariffs of its own as well as corporate tariffs so that they can choose the option that best suits their needs and save costs.



About Consultia Business Travel

Consultia Business Travel® is a Spanish company specialising in the integrated management of business travel (Travel Management Company). It offers a differentiated solution based on cloud-based software (Destinux®) and a personalised advisory service (Personal Travel Assistant), offering a comprehensive solution for the management of business travel. It also manages the needs of meetings, incentives, congresses and events (MICE) that the company needs.


The Spanish-owned company, founded in 2010, currently has offices in Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza and Porto. The startup has integrated into a powerful management system nearly 3 million hotels, more than 600 airlines, 27 car rental companies around the world and private transfers in more than 160 countries, RENFE, irio, taxis and VTC in more than 90 states, achieving online connectivity and efficiency that stand out in the business travel market.