Meet some of our customers and how they have started to generate savings and make travel management more efficient with Destinux

Why Destinux?

Medline is a multinational company, dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of medical and surgical products with solutions and services focused on patient care, professional safety and operational process efficiency. Medline offers more than 550,000 medical products and clinical solutions to hospitals, extended care facilities, surgery centres, physician practices, home care agencies and providers, and retailers. Its 24,000 employees span more than 90 countries.

Medline Iberia managed its travel under the direction of the head office with a worldwide travel agency. Prior to working with Consultia, the problems Medline encountered were both at the user level and at the management and accounting level.

What does Destinux bring to Medline?

Destinux has allowed them to obtain a solution to all the administrative and financial problems they had with the previous service, with a solution that digitises all the processes, integrating the data and the personalised assistance service, and in addition to all this, helping them to save between 13% and 24% of their management costs with the personalised support service, and in addition to all this, helping them to save between 13% and 24% of their management costs.
“With Destinux we have been able to claim a minimum saving of €238,000 and a maximum saving of €432,000, mainly because of the better travel deals, as everything is consolidated, but also because of the time savings for the traveller, the approver and the finances.

The good results provided by Destinux have led us to implement the system consecutively in the different countries where Medline Europe operates, starting with Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, soon we will implement Italy, and before the end of 2023 it will be implemented globally, including the countries Ireland, UK, Germany, France, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Sweden”. Mariví Martín-Hondarza, Chief Financial Officer of Medline.

Why Destinux?

Grupo Gimeno is a diversified business group of 35 companies operating in different sectors. They needed an efficient service to manage the transfers of the group’s workers, with over 5,000 employees who carry out a wide range of activities requiring continuous mobility. Each of the Group’s companies has a different structure and needs, which means that they had to find a system capable of adapting to each unit. In addition, they required an excellent personal service and it was essential for them to be constantly available in case any need or emergency arose.

What does Destinux bring to Grupo Gimeno?

Grupo Gimeno has managed to unify all travel management in a single supplier, saving time that was previously spent on administrative tasks and travel request processes. The group has achieved traceability of the entire process, ensuring control and compliance with all corporate criteria and generating savings in time and resources for the business group.

Why Destinux?

Auxiliar Conservera is one of the most experienced companies in the food packaging sector both nationally and internationally. With more than 1000 employees, they needed a company that could manage all the trips in an efficient and human way.

What does Destinux bring to Auxiliar Conservera?

For Auxiliar Conservera, the satisfaction of its employees is fundamental, and for us, it is a philosophy. For this reason, from the very first moment, each user has a person with a name and surname to assist them before, during and after the trip. In this way, each traveller can focus on the reason for their trip and not on the logistics, and travel safely with the care of a professional manager who looks after their wellbeing.

The integration with the company’s ERP and the efficiency provided by each Destinux module has allowed them to obtain a solution with which the company has increased the satisfaction of its travellers and simplified all the management related to their business trips.

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Why Destinux?

Ribera Salud is a business group that has been a provider of public and private healthcare services since 1997. With around 7,000 employees, the Group was looking for a fast management that would simplify its travel management and administration processes and a prepared staff who could react to any unexpected eventuality.

What does Destinux bring to Ribera Salud?

As a result of Consultia Business Travel’s collaboration with Ribera Salud, its employees have let us know their appreciation and gratitude; since we have been managing their trips, they have had our support and our complete availability to act in the event of any incident. In addition, the Personal Travel Assistant understands the concerns of each individual, knows the company and its needs, and responds to any unforeseen event that may arise. In this way, Ribera Salud has achieved a safe, human and reliable solution for the management of its trips.

Why Destinux?

Cuadernos Rubio is a company specialising in reinforcement notebooks for infant and primary school learning, as well as toys and stationery that it distributes in different countries. With 20 employees on its staff, the publishing house was looking for a solution to streamline both the organisation of its sales team’s trips and their administrative and accounting tasks.

What does Destinux bring to Rubio?

Consultia Business Travel carried out a study of the publisher’s needs, in order to offer them a personalised service in the management of their trips. Thus, with the total adaptation of Destinux to Cuadernos Rubio, the company experienced around 40% savings in time spent on administrative tasks. Likewise, its Personal Travel Assistant is responsible in most cases for the search and proposals of flights, hotels and car rentals and everything necessary for the management of its trips, which has led to a saving of up to 60% of the time of its sales team.

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