The coronavirus crisis forced a large number of sectors to jump on the digitalisation bandwagon, the business travel sector being one of them.

During this stage, a large number of needs that companies still require and need to satisfy when organising and managing their corporate travel also became visible.

Supervising and monitoring the costs of business travel, knowing the impact of corporate travel in relation to the objectives and expected business results, knowing which trips should be prioritised… are some of the limitations that companies face today when it comes to managing their business travel.

For this reason, at Consultia Business Travel, a specialist in business travel, we develop our own technology to be able to offer each of our clients a digital tool that includes all the functionalities that resolve each of the needs when it comes to organising a business trip.

Digitalisation of business travel

With the industry virtually recovered and numbers beginning to exceed pre-pandemic statistics, the business travel industry requires digital tools that match the needs of the volume of business activity.

In this way, having the right digital solutions for the management and complete supervision of corporate travel allows companies to carry out more efficient organisational processes and to have complete traceability at all times.

Corporate travel is a complex management task, due to the variability of the cases in which it is incurred, the multitude of suppliers involved, the mobility of rates to which yield management leads, and the difficulty in adequately managing all the information so that the expenses derived from business travel are correctly allocated to the company’s cost centres, projects or objectives.

Added to all these obstacles in the management of business travel is the complexity of the large number of people involved; each with completely different needs, problems or groups within the organisation of the business trip.

What role does technology play in all this? The digitisation of all processes has seen a huge boost during the pandemic and is now a priority for all companies that need to effectively manage their corporate travel.

How does Destinux help in the management of Business Travel?

Destinux was created to efficiently resolve all the procedures involved in Business Travel, thus satisfying the growing demand in the sector, as well as the specific needs of each company when it comes to managing its business trips.

In this way, this management software makes it possible to optimise everything related to company travel, providing a more strategic, efficient, transparent, sustainable and human vision, adapting to the different peculiarities of each company, regardless of complexity, number of employees, countries in which it operates or corporate policy.

Destinux, the exclusive technology of Consultia Business Travel, facilitates decision making and the strategic vision of travel through the monitoring and analysis of all the information required for business travel, to achieve greater efficiency in the management of travel and save time and costs in organisations.

  • Strategy: the tool allows them to set company objectives and adjust the Business Travel budget based on those objectives, allowing them to monitor the status of all their travel in real time.
  • Efficiency in management: by having all processes digitised, connected and interrelated with those of the company, it is possible to save up to 20% in costs.
  • Humanity: thanks to the personalised service offered by a Personal Travel Assistant to advise and resolve any incidents that may arise for companies during the process of managing or developing the trip.
  • Transparency: the client knows from the start the investment he/she will have to make in his/her Business Travel Software, paying only for the services contracted.
  • Sustainability: thanks to the addition of Destinux Green, the new functionality that offers companies a certificate to reduce their carbon footprint by participating in environmental and social responsibility activities.

Importantly, this enterprise travel management software is designed to be customised to fit the organisational structure of the company, making it adaptable to the needs of any corporation, regardless of size or complexity.

Where is business travel heading?

Digitalisation is undoubtedly the future of business management, including Business Travel. According to studies such as those carried out by Aberdeen Group, the implementation of a corporate travel monitoring tool can increase compliance with purchasing policies in an organisation by up to 40% and reduce the time spent on their management by up to 70%.

Companies with inefficient management processes that are poorly adapted to their needs as an organisation, and with impersonal processes for their travellers, including manual processes in management, may risk their efficiency and employee satisfaction, which will inevitably be reflected in their bottom line.

Today’s Business Travel requires professionalisation and customisation through solutions such as Destinux’s Travel Management Dashboard.

Are you ready to digitise your business travel and start automating every organisational process? As a company specialising in business travel management, we advise you.