Organización eventos corporativos

Organising corporate events, what should be kept in mind?

What details cannot be overlooked when organising a corporate event?

Viajes de empresa

How does Destinux help you with corporate travel management?

Destinux is the all-in-one solution specially created to ensure efficient travel management.

Viajeros de negocios

How to improve the experience and satisfaction of business travellers?

Find out the keys that will help you improve the satisfaction of your employees on every trip.

Viajes de negocios grupos empresariales

How can the centralisation of business travel help corporate groups?

We tell you how to approach efficient management of corporate group business travel.

Software de gestión de viajes

Why is Destinux the business travel management software your company needs?

Discover our all-in-one solution created to digitise corporate travel management processes.

Benefits of digitising corporate travel management for a corporate group

Having a system for digitising corporate travel enables the comprehensive management of the entire process and the digital transformation of this area,…

la tecnología y el business travel

What role does technology play in the business travel sector?

Increasing digitalization has enabled us to develop technology that unifies all business travel processes.

la sostenibilidad en las empresas

Sustainability in business: how to apply it to business travel?

The concept of sustainability in business is becoming increasingly important, especially in business travel.

Reunión de trabajo

Meetings outside work: Keys to perfect organisation

Discover how to organise a business meeting taking into account all the needs and preferences of the guests.

Digitalización turismo

What is the relationship between business expenses and digitisation? 

Consultia Business Travel leads the digitalisation of the business travel sector with a constant commitment to innovation and efficient management.

Business Travel recovery: Companies are back in the business of international travel

The return to normality is starting to become a reality and with it, the return of international business travel, an interesting opportunity to open up working…

Digitalisation and business sustainability: Two challenges that go hand in hand

Digitalisation and a commitment to sustainability are two of the priorities that companies are currently working on, focusing on efficiency and innovation from…

Include taxis and transfer in your business trip

At Consultia Business Travel, business travellers can plan their trip from their front door, booking their private transport from Destinux, the SaaS that…

digitalizar reservas renfe

Your Renfe ticket now available on Passbook with your online reservation

Dear traveller, from today you can now have your train tickets in Passbook at Destinux. Now Renfe bookings made through Destinux's online booking system can be…

Tips to travel economically on RENFE

Madrid, 31 January 2022.- Since Renfe made important changes to its fares last July, many travellers have been negatively affected by the new pricing policy…

viajes negocios en tren

Train travel for your company, do you know how to buy cheaper tickets?

Cómo conseguir viajes en tren más baratos de forma sencilla a través de Destinux

Ask for your taxi or VTC booking. 360° mobility management for business travellers

The new taxi service, Uber and Cabify from Consultia Business Travel, offers the business traveler the complete management of all their trips with a wide range…

Technology, a key tool to reactivate business trips after Covid-19

Technology, a key tool to reactivate business trips after Covid-19   Business travel is a key predictor of a country's economy  The CEO of Consultia Travel…