Ask for your taxi or VTC booking. 360° mobility management for business travellers

The new taxi service and VTC from Consultia Business Travel, offers the business traveler the complete management of all their trips with a wide range of possibilities and with the possibility of making the reservation both through the Concierge Service and through through the self-booking tool platform.



The health crisis, advances in technology and the value of digitalisation have significantly changed the preferences and consumption habits of the business traveller. The business traveller has increased their demands, with the need for a thorough and complete management that preserves personal security throughout the trip.

For this reason, just a few months ago, and due to the increase in individual transfer services, the company launched the transfer service, with private transport connections in more than 160 countries, a basic service that had increased notably since the pandemic.

Now, Consultia Business Travel connects taxi and vtc services in more than 90 countries on its software platform. Octopus Tech, the company’s system that digitalises all business travel management processes in a single tool, has the widest range of products on the market: 3 million connected hotels, 27 car rental companies, 650 airline companies through 4 GDS worldwide, connection with transfer companies in more than 160 countries and from today, the taxi and vtc offer in more than 90 countries.

How does it work?


From Octopus Tech© Selfbooking tool, the customer can make online bookings with the wide range of taxis and vtc to travel on all types of journeys; from the airport to the hotel, from the meeting place to the airport, etc. Without having to make payments and request receipts during the journey.

Like any other module of the Consultia Travel platform, it is designed and developed for the business traveller. A fast, agile and intuitive system, which shows the most economical, advantageous and sustainable options according to the criteria indicated, and which automatically generates the travel documentation in the “travel agenda” module, without waiting and without the danger of losing confirmations and documents.


Furthermore, bookings can be made through the system with the Consultia Travel© Concierge Service, in which the manager specialised in business trips makes the booking following the user’s preferences and advising and optimising times during the trip.

The main objective of Consultia Travel is for its business clients to have the best integral solution for their business trips, advising and offering tools that optimise time and costs. We continue to work and evolve, expanding our services and developing the most innovative technology for business travel, to continue to have the confidence of our customers for the integrated management of their business travel.

If you have any doubts or need more information, contact us and we will inform you of everything.